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Shooting fish tips – How to play fish shooting game - Fish Hunter Tips

Tips you can use in playing Fish hunter. Shooting fish game tips - fish shooting game tips - how to play shooting game


1. Your weapon or Gun should start at a number 1 or 2. Don't go over with the higher numbers.


2. Hit the fish as many as you can because your number 1 gun can already catch a big fish. But be discipline in catching the fish, always consider your ammunition.


3. Always aim for the big fish and stay focus on firing them. Big fish might give you an additional bonus.


4. Watch closely with the other players, (wink) they might need your help in catching the fish. You will be lucky to get the fish they tried to catch.


5. Never play when you are alone. you are just wasting your ammunition.


6. If you have enough ammunition. Wait for the Golden fish to come out. This will give you more ammunition or coins.


Bonus: Spread your ammunition in different areas while firing. You might experience a lucky catch. This style is very effective since you are always in competition.

Shooting fish game tips, fish shooting game tips, fish hunter tips and how to play shooting game

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